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The MoP, GOI has launched Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) for strengthening of Distribution Infrastructure for the Urban areas having population of more than 5,0000 as per census 2011 with the following components:

➢ Strengthening of sub-transmission & distribution networks including provisioning of Solar Panels and Net-metering.

➢ Metering of distribution transformers / feeders / consumers.

➢ IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network.

Broad Objective of the Scheme

➢ 24x7 Power supplies for consumers.

➢ Reduction of AT&C losses as per trajectory finalized by MoP in consultation with States

➢ Providing access to power to all households

Nodal Agency

Power Finance Corporation (PFC) is the Nodal Agency for operationalization and implementation of the scheme under the overall guidance of MoP.

Project Management Agency (PMA)

As per the guideline for IPDS two Project Management Agency (PMA) have to be appointed utility-wise to ensure timely implementation of the project. Accordingly RECPDCL and PFCCL have been appointed by WBSEDCL for IPDS.

Mode of Implementation

The projects may be executed on turn-key/ partial turn-key/ departmental basis, through e-tendering.

Implementation Period

Projects under the scheme shall be completed within a period of 24 months from the date of issue of Letter of Award (LOA) by the utility.

Monitoring Committee

Monitoring Committee, constituted by MoP, GOI is approving authority of all schemes.

Financial support Mechanism for IPDS in WBSEDCL

Agency Nature of Support Quantum of support
(Percentage of Project Cost)
Govt. of India Grant 60%
Govt. of West Bengal Grant 25%
WBSEDCL Contribution Own Fund/Loan 15%
Additional Grant from GOI on achievement of prescribed mile stones Grant 50% of Total loan component

Scope of work and present status

Scope of work Quantity Project cost (Rs. in Cr.) Complete as on 02.03.21 Status as on 02.03.21
New 33/11 kV sub-station with associated 33 kV line. 50 Nos. (2x10 MVA) 402.64 48nos. (a) 48 nos. sub stations have been already commissioned.

(b) Construction of 02 nos new 33/11 KV substation is under process.

(c) Target date of commissioning is within March’21.
33 kV system augmentations with renovation of existing 33/11 kV sub-station (No. of PTR) 167 Nos. 392.53 166 nos. a) Completed at 166 nos. substations.

b) Work under process at 1 nos. substations.
Drawal of 11 kV line (New & augmentation). 1576 KM 376 1131 KM Work Under Progress
Drawal of LT line (New & augmentation). 278 KM 145.72 154 KM
Drawal of AB Cable. 15,373 KM 1,082.58 14010 KM
Installation of DTR. (New & augmentation). 8,137 Nos 230.69 7345 Nos.
Replacement of Meter. 7,86,452 Nos 220.93 7,27,489 Nos.
Installation of Roof top Solar panel. 4335 Kwp 38.28 3840 Kwp Work is almost completed

Status of fund and expenditure

Status of fund and expenditure as on 28.02.21
Fund received from MOP, GOI Rs. 1363.36 Crores
Fund received by GOWB Rs. 468.85 Crores
Fund received through REC Loan Rs. 250.00 Crores
Fund utilized (PMA charges) Rs. 2082.21 Crores