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Rooftop Solar Sources - Net Metering

Net metering of the Consumers where roof-top solar PV panel installed

1. Consumers category eligible for net-metering as per regulation: Institutional consumer(s) like Government and private hospitals and health centres, hospital and health centres owned and run by any private charitable organization, Government and Government aided and private schools and academic institutions, Government office and organizations, any housing complex already promoted for this purpose by Government or any Government agency for the development of renewable sources, local bodies like municipalities, panchayats and consumers of any housing complex located in the same premises, commercial/industrial organizations and any institution registered under any statute.

■ Eligible Consumer category requires to satisfy Conditions applicable for net-metering as per regulation if roof-top solar PV panel installed at their premises:

  1. Consumer needs to have 3 phase power connection
  2. 3 phase Roof-top solar panel needs to have installed with capacity 5 KW or more

2.In net-metering facility, injection from solar panel of Eligible Consumer can be adjusted with maximum 90% of the energy consumption of that consumer annually.

3.Eligible Consumer can apply for net metering in plain paper with a copy of recent energy bill to the *concerned Divisional Manager (if contract demand below 50 KVA) / **Regional Manager (if contract demand 50 KVA and above).

*Concerned Divisional Manager (DM) – Divisional Manager under whose jurisdiction CCC falls and bill are being sent from that CCC sent to consumer. **Concerned Regional Manager (RM) –– Regional Manager of the Region from which bill sent to consumer.

4.If the solar PV panel and its protection system with synchronization system is found ok by Concerned DM / Representative of RM during inspection with Testing team, consumer has to execute the standard agreement with concerned DM / RM in stamp paper in duplicate.

5. Export import meter as per requirement will be installed by concerned DM if existing meter does not have such facility

6. Billing will be done as per methodology given in the standard agreement for net-metering purpose using billing software built for the purpose.

Guideline For Solar Application

Download the Agreement Form(S6)

Download Application Form(S1)

Work Completion Report(S8)