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Energy Awareness

Teach children; instruct domestic staff to switch off lights when not in use. Switch off lights even when leaving the room for just a few minutes.

Use the right illumination. Replace incandescent Bulbs/ Conventional Tube lights with LED Bulbs/ LED Tubes.

Replace traditional chokes of tube lights with electronic chokes. They save two-third energy lost in chokes.

In rooms, use light colors for walls. Doing this helps reduce lighting requirements up to 40%.

Rearrange the furniture to make your lighting task-based. Reading , studying, cooking and sewing require more light. Watching TV or conversing requires much less.

Keep lights and fixtures clean and dirt-free. Dust and dirt reduce lighting levels by as much as 30%.

As with lights, switch off fans when leaving a room. Clean and lubricate your fans regularly. Replace old regulators with electronic regulators. Use BEE 5 Star rated fans.

Buy only those appliances you really need and of the right size. Try to get the maximum benefit from them with the minimum power consumed. Avoid using kitchen machines every day. Grind spices once or twice a week, unless the household is big enough to require its use everyday.

Use washing machine every alternate day, or as and when the full kg load of clothes collects.

For a hot water bath, mix water in a bucket. Try to avoid geyser showers. They consume more power and up to 90 liters of hot water for a bath. Get the heater element in the geyser changed every 5/ 6 years. It will enable heating to be faster, and save valuable power.

If you use ACs, consider using them an hour or two less everyday. Keep windows shut after switching off to keep the room cool for some more time. You would be saving significantly on power consumption. A an indication an AC switched off for an hour can keep a 36 watt slim line tube light on for 50 hours! Clean the AC filter at least once a fortnight. A choked filter means improper cooling and more power consumed.

Cool the food sufficiently before storing in refrigerators. Check on the seal or gasket lining of the fridge - avoid opening the fridge door frequently. Defrost the fridge once the ice gets more than 1/4 inch thick. Regular defrosting reduces power consumption.

Look for ‘ISI’ mark when buying desert coolers. Use ACs, water pumps and domestic appliances such as electric irons with BEE 5 Star rating. It is your guarantee of substantial energy saving.

Please avoid using heavy domestic appliances between 6 and 9, morning and evening. These are peak hours when power consumption should be minimized.