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New connection application can be submitted through Online as well as Offline process:
  • Online Application Process:
    Consumer needs to visit & apply against applicable connection category from Consumer Corner -> Connection Management -> Online Application.
    • To apply for LT (Dom/Com) Connection click here for detailed guidelines
    • To apply for Temporary Connection click here for detailed guidelines
    • To apply for Industrial / Others of both LT & HT Connection, click below for detailed guidelines:
             Applied load below 50KVA       Applied load above 50 KVA
  • Online Application can also be made from Mobile App of WBSEDCL i.e. “Vidyut Sahayogi”
  • Offline Application Process:
    Applied load Application Form need to be submitted at
    Less than 50 KVA Customer Care Centre of WBSEDCL
    Between 50 KVA & 1500 KVA Regional Office of WBSEDCL
    Above 1500 KVA Central Commercial Cell, Vidyut Bhavan

    The Application Form can be downloaded from here

Online New Connection process is simple & easy. Please click here to know the easy steps.

Documents mentioned below need to be submitted along with New Connection Application:
  1. Identity proof: Passport/Voter ID/Telephone Bill
  2. Land Ownership document: Property Paper/Purchase Deed/Tenancy Deed/Tax Receipt of Panchayet/Municipality etc.

Applicant can upload the documents during online application.

You can choose your connection category based on your purpose of supply & connected load. Please refer Tariff Notification of WBERC for 2017-18. Gist of that tariff can be found here

As per Central Electrical Authority (Measures relating to Safety & Electrical Inspection) Amendment Regulation, 2018, acknowledgement of self certification by the consumer or certification from the CEI (Chief Electrical Inspector) is needed depending upon the supply voltage as given below:
  1. L&MV Supply (upto 200 KVA): The consumer has to obtain acknowledgement of self certification by the consumers from the CEI before effecting service connection. For detail please click here (link of the Office Order No: 1753 dated 03.12.2019 will be provided after necessary amendment).
  2. HT Supply (above 200 KVA): The consumer has to obtain clearance certification from the CEI before effecting service connection.

Estimated Charges for taking New Connection can be calculated for applied load upto 200 KVA using the Quotation Calculator facility available at the web-site of WBSEDCL. Click here to calculate the estimated charges.

There are numerous channels available for payment of your New Connection Quotation Charges. For more details please click here
All those channels can also be used for payment of electricity bills.

Applicable transaction fees per transaction is zero in all the digital payment mode.

For Domestic & Commercial consumers having contractual load less than 50 KVA quarterly electricity bills are generated. For all other categories monthly electricity bills are generated.

Complaints can be registered through WBSEDCL 24X7 Helpline No: 19121.

Online Complaints can be docketed in at here

Complaints can also be raised from Mobile App of WBSEDCL “Vidyut Sahayogi”.

You can also register your complaints or queries, get to know of your last raised bill detail, last five (5) payment detail via Pull SMS & Missed Call Alert. For details please click here

You can also contact our Grievance Redressal Officers at Regional as well as Corporate level for resolution of any grievance. Necessary procedure & contact information can be found here

Below are the facilities available via the web site of WBSEDCL:
  • Online application facility for New Connection & Load Enhancement (less than 50 KVA) for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applicants
  • Online tracking of status against applications for new connection / load enhancement
  • E-payment facility
  • Consumer ID Registration for availing various facilities (like bill view, consumption pattern view, payment history, arrear detail view etc.)
  • Online complaint registration
  • Online registration for bill payment facility through ECS/NACH mode
  • Registered prepaid consumers can avail a host of online services including energy recharge , account balance view, View Payment History, View Voucher generation history and view basic consumer specific information
Following are facilities available at the Mobile App of WBSEDCL “Vidyut Sahayogi”:
  • E-payment facility
  • Online application facility for new connection & load enhancement & tracking of status
  • Online complaint registration
  • Download/view option of bill & payment receipts
  • Consumption history

  • Please visit our website & select the navigation path: Consumer Corner > Connection Management > Online Application > New Connection (LT Others)for necessary registration or you can click here
  • You can Register yourself with your existing meter number/consumer id.
  • After successful registration, please fill up the desired details & submit to get quotation.
  • You can pay the quotation amount through e-payment which includes service connection charge & initial recharge amount of Rs. 500/- which will be preloaded in the meter.
  • Alternatively,You can also apply and pay at your concerned Customer Care centre (CCC) to get a pre-paid connection.

Presently prepaid connections are available to all L&MV Domestic and Commercial consumers with connected load up to 50 KVA.

  • You have to make payment of (minimum recharge amount is Rs. 500/- & multiples of Rs. 100/- thereafter) desired re-charge amount using following options:
    1. Please visit the Home Page of our website and click following Tab:
        Online Payment >E-payment (For Registered Pre-paid Consumers)
        Consumer Corner > Pay Online Recharge> Pre-paid Voucher
        Click here for making necessary e-payment.

      After the successful payment, generate the re-charge voucher code of the same amount.

    2. Alternatively, you can pay at your respective Customer Care centre (CCC) and collect the voucher code.

  • You need to manually punch those codes at the meter/ Freedom unit (i.e. an extended device of the meter).

Yes, you can switch to Prepaid connection from Post-paid connection and vice versa by applying at your CCC.

You have to manually enter the voucher code at your meter/ Freedom unit (i.e. an extended device of the meter).

The rest available amount (if any) will be adjusted from your next recharge.